Wednesday, March 18, 2009

3 years going on 45...

Well, well, well. It has been a long time since we've had a chance to catch up!

A lot has changed since my last installment. You see, now I am a wise old man of 3 years old. In fact, I am a BIG BROTHER now! I know many, many things. I go to playschool twice a week. I know how to run the grapple on the tractor better than most adults on the farm. And when I am not busy keeping all the grown ups in line I like to show my baby brother Nathan how the world works.

I thought I should maybe share some of my insights of the past few months with you. These are some of the clever things I have said:

1 - One dark wintery night I was sitting in my carseat helping my Mama drive from the backseat. We nearly hit a deer, but Mama's expert driving helped keep us safe. That night as I said my bedtime prayers I said "Thank you, Baby Jesus, for keeping us safe by scaring that deer off the road with your scary face and your hockey stick".

2 - Sometimes I try out new methods of addressing my parents. For example, I recently wanted help out of the tub so I called for my Mama and said "I am ready to get out now, you hairy beast".

3 - When I get really tired I like to dramatically throw myself down on the floor and writhe around like a floppy fish screeching "I'VE GOT A WOBBLY FOOT! I'VE GOT A WOBBLY FOOT!" My Mama REALLY enjoys this one.

4 - When quizzed about where I'd like to vacation I simply state with my eyes half shut in exhaustion "I have to work, work, work all day at the meat store". Even at a young age I realize that vacations are not common here on the ranch!

5 - When procrastinating bedtime I will try anything. I've recently lamented "I'm too tired to sleep!"

6 - Another tactic that I've recently implemented was claiming my pet dog, Fetchy, pooped in my bed. I even tried dramatically smearing it on the wall. Mama said "Nice try. Fetchy is a stuffed dog".

Life is never boring with a boy like me around!

Not-so-wee Will

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What do I do all day?

You may wonder, "What does that lil William do all day?" Well, I am glad you asked!

First things first...I get up in the morning, have some breakfast, get dressed and then I am ready to start my day!! My Mom helps me into my farm chore clothes, including my rubber boots and my yellow rain jacket. Its hard work being a farmer you know.

After I am dressed for my chores I go out and help my Mommy feed the critters. Here I am visiting with my pal, Nesbitt. He is the bottle baby goat that used to live in our porch. We are great friends now and he comes for walks with us. He is learning to pull my John Deer wagon. I am showing him an electric fence insulator. When I am done feeding the animals I help Mommy do fencing. I am a great help and pass her the insulators and the screws while she attaches them to the fence. We are a great team.

The goats aren't the only animals that we care for on our farm. We also have to be sure that our good old friend, Maude, is kept fed and watered. If Maude is healthy she will give us lots of creamy milk. She is sure a great gal!

When our chores are done we come in for some lunch. Mommy sometimes shares a special treat, like chocolate pudidng! She sometimes laughs and says she knows what I will look like in 30 years. I don't really know what that means, do you?

After a hard day of farming I like to have a little "down time". I usually have an afternoon nap, then kick back with my "Mighty Machines" DVD to learn about the intricacies of farm machinery. I love to learn how hay bines and silage wrappers work. Mom doesn't really like me to watch TV but she says I might as well get an education about how to operate farm machines so I can take over when I'm 4 years old.

After my DVD Daddy comes home and its PLAYTIME!! We have supper, a bath and go to bed. Its time to rest up for another day of hard work on the farm!

Love you lots!
Lil Will

Thursday, March 1, 2007

The Story of My Lil Peanut

I have a soft little dolly named Peanut, just like me. I love him very much and care for him like a good Daddy. I care for him the same way my Daddy cares for me.

When I am getting ready to go to sleep I lay down gently and pat-pat-pat on Peanut's back. I give him hugs and kiss his mouth. I want him to know he's special and I love him.

I take my sippy cup and I hold it up to Peanut's mouth. I make slurping sounds as Peanut takes a drink. When he's done I gently wipe his mouth with my blanket, and I pat him some more.

Peanut is so lucky to have a good Daddy. I am so lucky to have a good Daddy too.

Here is a picture of my beautiful smile. Mommy says it makes her day. Do you like my new cowboy jammies?

Love you,


Velveteen Nesbit

I have a new friend! His name is Velveteen Nesbit. He is a little goat that was born prematurely on February 26th. He has funny crooked legs and next to no fur so Mommy said he could live in our laundry room til he gets his "wheels". I really love having this new little friend to play with. I take him for adventures by driving him all around the house. I also hold his bottle for him when he's hungry. I love caring for animals and I know how to pat-pat-pat ever so gently.


Lil Will

P.S. You can enlarge any of these pictures by clicking on them!

Be My Valentine!

For Valentine's Day I got a really great present! No chocolate for me, no siree. I got a brand new pair of shiny blue rubber boots!! I love to clip-clomp-bang-bang-stomp around in them all day long. I think they are pretty snazzy and I am sure you will agree too. I also figured out how to work the zipper on my sleepers. I don't like to keep it done up anymore, so I strut around with my manly chest and belly button a-blazing.

I hope you had a very happy Valentine's Day too!

Lil Will

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Glasses Aren't So Bad

Well, I've finally decided that my glasses aren't all that bad after all. I will now wear them for several hours without pulling them off and throwing them into a pile on the floor. I ask to put them on by pointing to the shelf where they are kept and saying "Guh-guh". I will wear them for a while, and I even know how to push them up when they slide down my nose. I especially like to read with them on. When I am all done I will take them off, fold them up, walk back over to the shelf and ask a grown up to put them up for me. Its really not that difficult you see. These are just the things you have to go through when you are the world's smallest professor.

Here I am pushing my glasses up on my nose so I can see better. These glasses are for seeing things up close. When I need to look at things far away I look over the rim of my glasses, just the way Grammas do. It makes me look wise and serious. I know the ketchup on my elbow doesn't make me look very serious. Ketchup is one of my favourite foods. I love it on everything (elbows included) and I prefer to dip things myself. I have a special technique. Dip, suck the ketchup off, re-dip. Its quite ingenious, really. That way you give the illusion of eating without actually ingesting any of the real food, leaving more room for glorious ketchup.

Lil Will

I'm a Grancher!

My Daddy says we don't ranch...we Granch. I guess that is what ya call it when you spend a lot of time with goats. Here I am getting to know some of my new little buddies. They are sure curious and playful. I love that they are just my size. I can see lots of fun days ahead of me. I am a great helper with chores already and I know I'll be the best little Grancher you ever did see.

Lil Will